Express your values in a powerful way with...

He Ain’t Heavy... the Sculpture! 

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To continue proclaiming this message in the 21st century, Ethnic Expressions has partnered with Gilbert Young to transform He Ain’t Heavy into a beautiful, thought-provoking and behavior challenging sculpture.

It's ready to be placed on a desktop, mantle, dresser or bookshelf near you.  

Are you ready for yours?

Imagine the gentle, elegant reminders this piece will give you as it sits on your home or office. 

Imagine the conversations you’ll have about its’ meaning when visitors take notice of it. 

Imagine the kind of message it will convey to your children and grandchildren.

Imagine the impact it will have as a gift or award to someone who embodies its' message.

Yes... He Ain’t Heavy is beautiful and striking.  

But it isn’t meant to be just another decorative accessory.  

It’s meant to make a statement! 

And, having made it, it’s meant to serve as a catalyst for you to have the kinds of conversations and connections that will make this world a better place for us all.

Art opens us up.

Art exposes us.

Art cracks us open.

And as Leonard Cohen wrote in his song called Anthem, “The cracks are how the light gets in.”

Accordingly, we invite you to join us on a journey of collective enlightenment. 

He Ain't Heavy - The Sculpture

This is a unique, limited-edition sculpture.

It can be ordered in 4 easy installments.

You can be the first in your circle to own this head turning sculpture.

For additional details, click the He Ain't Heavy Collection button below.


“When we strengthen another, we become strong ourselves.”

~ Abhijit Naskar

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