Do You Love Products that Reflect Your Culture? 

Have an online Ethnic Expressions Party and Get Them FREE!!! 


To learn more about Ethnic Expressions, watch the video below, and then scroll down. 

It’s a Great Way to Decorate and Express Yourself!

If you love products that reflect your heritage, you can get them free, or at deep discounts, by hosting an online Ethnic Expressions Party.

We’re An Ethnic Department Store!

Having an Ethnic Expressions party on Zoom is like visiting an ethnic department store in cyber space. You and your friends will be treated to a selection of:


Totes and Bags

Throws and Pillows



Bathroom Decor




It’s Easy!

Having an online party is easy and fun.. There’s no fuss, or muss.

  • You invite the guests… and your EE consultant does the rest.  
  • A typical Zoom party only takes about ONE hour. 

What could be better? You and your friends get to play games, shop, and socialize in the comfort of your own homes!

Host Stories

Janniece Martin

My EE Zoom party was an amazing cultural experience that I was able to share with my family and friends no matter where they were. 

My consultant was very knowledgeable and her passion for the artwork as well as all of the cultural products made you excited to own any number of the pieces for yourself.

The artwork has always been an expression of beauty, strength and pride, but now we also get to wear it too!

I absolutely love my t-shirt, my jewelry and my bag! The quality is so wonderful and the selection is phenomenal! 

I'm looking forward to seeing more of the cultural beauty that EE has to offer.

Nigel Gordon

When my EE consultant contacted me regarding hosting a Zoom Party, I must admit I was not sure how it would turn out since I was use to hosting parties in my home for EE. 

Once I decided to do it, I knew it would be a great show. It was super easy. My consultant sent the Party invites and I texted my guests and reminded them that my show was coming up.  And the rest, as they say, was history. 

The show was a success!  I got more free and discounted new pieces which I can't wait to display. The art from EE has always spoken to me and made my home a mini museum filled with our culture and history. 

This piece, "Restoration" is one of my favorites.  It is timeless as well.  We are in a season where we have all lost so much but God will restore.  He IS bringing new life back to us!  So... what are you waiting for?  Book your own party today!

Marveen Barnes

When my friend invited me to attend her EE Zoom party, I was excited to attend. It was never my intent to host my own Zoom party but the presentation put forth by the EE consultant was absolutely engaging! They managed to weave meaningful, powerful and historical content throughout the party, so that the art, jewelry and decorative accessories were somehow brought to life... along with the message to support Black businesses.  

Suddenly, I felt connected to what was no longer simply a presentation, but what had transformed into a live “experience!”  By the end of the evening, along with my purchases, I had signed up to host my own Zoom party.

Well, my consultant did it again as the facilitator of my EE Zoom party. It was fun, exciting, enlightening and the day after the party, I was still receiving calls and text messages thanking me for inviting them to wonderful experience!

On a personal note, the Zoom format allowed me to connect with family and friends all over the United States. The intimacy of the Zoom format provided the opportunity for me to share time with family and friends that was deeply personal and playful as well. It was sprinkled with gems of “teachable” moments and then off they went to shop!!

Have Fun with Your Friends... Then Shop for FREE!

As our Queen or King for the day, here’s what you get for hosting an online EE Party:

  • Free product credits! 
  • Half-Price merchandise! 
  • Free Monthly Bonuses you'll have to see to believe

Just Two of Our Free Bonuses!

With a qualifying party, you can earn one of these, or several other bonuses, FREE!!!

  • Contact us for all of the details and the bonuses that aren't shown! 

Contact Us and Let's Party!

Your Friends Will Love You For It!

Be bold and be the first in your circle to treat your friends to products that reflect their ethnicity.  

New products for them! FREE products for you! A fun time for everyone! You can’t beat that with a stick!

To learn more about hosting an online party, contact the person who sent you this webpage. 

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